Evaluation of Continuing Education Credit

Policy Number: 
2014, 2022
2000, 2004, 8/07, 1/09, 3/12, 2016, 6/22/2022

In keeping with its mission of providing education in the specialty of anesthesia, and as a service to the CRNA community, from time to time, MTSA will seek authorization from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) to grant continuing education credit for selected topics of anesthesia taught in the School.

The MTSA Alumni Association may be invited to seek AANA authorization to provide continuing education to alumni in selected anesthesia topics and review courses.

Any Continuing Education offerings by MTSA are evaluated in the following manner:

  • Each lecture and the lecturer are evaluated by the participating learner(s) or attendee(s). Summaries of these evaluations are submitted to the Evaluation Committee for review.
  • Based on review by students, alumni, and review of the curriculum of MTSA, the Evaluation Committee or Alumni Committee may make recommendations to the Nurse Anesthesia Program Council which may include:
    • to continue or discontinue the Continuing Education service;
    • to suggest additional topics and/or speakers;
    • to determine if the current topics should be open to practicing CRNAs working in the Nashville community; and
    • to offer to practicing CRNAs working in the Nashville community, continuing education services in a non-credit course format.
  • The Academic Faculty Development Committee receives a report from the Continuing Education efforts.
  • The Academic Faculty Development Committee may refer suggestions for speakers, which would involve cost over the standard hourly payment (currently the rate paid for lectures), to the Nurse Anesthesia Program Council for review prior to any decision to add such speaker to the Continuing Education Program.
  • The President’s Council has the authority to approve/disapprove expenditures outside that budgeted for the Continuing Education Program.