Faculty Appointments

Policy Number: 
2014, 2018, 2022
2000, 2003, 8/07, 1/09, 7/12, 8/18, 9/2022 BOT approved 11/2022

Recruitment: Annually, the Executive Vice President and Program Administrator discuss with the President the anticipated faculty needs for the upcoming academic year. When needs/vacancies are identified, MTSA places advertisements and notices in various publications to include professional publications, employment websites, and alumni materials. Individuals seeking employment must provide a current resume. After a formal interview process, references and any supporting documentation (such as licensures) may be requested. The final decision for hiring of faculty is at the discretion of the Executive Vice President, with input from the President and Program Administrator.

Retention: Faculty appointments are made based on the abilities of the applicant and availability to meet the scheduling demands of the class or classes to be taught. All appointments of faculty are reviewed for reappointment annually. The Executive Vice President and Program Administrator meet with each faculty on an annual basis to discuss the faculty’s performance evaluation, goals and objectives for the upcoming year, and agreement on workload assignment, including mentorship of students, scholarship, service, and committee representation. This annual faculty review and evaluation occurs each spring. Faculty evaluation may also include spontaneous classroom and simulation observation by administration.

Peer evaluation is encouraged but not mandatory.

Termination: Faculty may be terminated if evidence exists that his/her performance is not satisfactory, as curriculum needs change, or if the faculty is not supportive of the School mission, vision, values, and/or goals.

As MTSA is a graduate program, its academic faculty members who teach courses in the classroom are termed professors. These professors may be full-time or part-time.

  • Full-Time Faculty/Professors: [These are designated as Full-time on the Faculty Roster]

    The faculty member who holds a terminal degree in their discipline [or are engaged in completing terminal degrees], whose major employment is for instructional purposes or who have administrative functions (i.e., President, Executive Vice President, Program Administrator, and Assistant Program Administrator are full-time faculty members. As a full-time CRNA, an additional responsibility may be to serve as a student mentor.

  • Part-time Faculty/Professors: [These are designated as Part-time on the Faculty Roster]

    These faculty members teach in the classroom a minimum of one semester per academic year. They may or may not supervise or instruct students in a clinical site. These faculty members must hold the terminal degree in the discipline in which they teach. They may participate in selected committee functions. Depending upon the part-time faculty workload, they may also function as a student mentor.

  • Academic/Guest Lecturers: [These individuals may or may not be listed on the Faculty Roster]

    Professionals with experience in a specialized area may be invited to become academic/guest lecturers, lecturing regarding their area of expertise. In this situation, there will be a faculty of record who holds the appropriate credentials for the degree level in the program, as the primary instructor.