Faculty – Criteria for Non-Anesthesia Professors

Policy Number: 
2000, 1/09
1998, 2003, 8/07, 3/1/12, 7/12

Each non-CRNA academic faculty shall hold either the doctorate in his area or a minimum of 18 semester hours related to the area he teaches (MS level only). Record of any publications or presentations will be requested and placed in the faculty file at MTSA.

  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Learning Resources

    The Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Learning Resources shall hold a master’s degree or higher in Library/Information Science or Library-media and have past experience as a Librarian. Graduate work should include selection and utilization of instructional resources, cataloging and classification of instructional materials. He/she should be able to help with literature searches and offer, or arrange for, point of need instruction to students and/or faculty regarding basic computer function to include word-processing on Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point Presentations. It is highly desirable that the person in this position should have experience with a wide range of communication and teaching technology. This individual will be a member of the Evaluation Committee, President’s Council, Nurse Anesthesia Program Council, and Academic Faculty Development Committee.

  • Religion Professor

    The religion instructor will be an active Seventh-day Adventist church member, preferably a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, with previous teaching experience and the minimum of a master’s degree in theology, religious education or related major.

    Any alternative to above qualifications to any faculty descriptions are made only as the Nurse Anesthesia Program Council may find appropriate and within the boundaries of criteria for accreditation of either the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges or the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs