Faculty Input for Student Support Services

Policy Number: 
2003, 8/07 3/1/12, 7/12

Those areas that are considered to be Student Support Service areas and involve faculty responsibilities are generally the following:

  • Advising in academic and/or clinical areas
  • Maintaining student grades for timely submission to the Academic Schedule Coordinator for records and distribution to students
  • Providing the School with a list of major textbooks prior to enrollment so these can be provided to the student by Orientation Day (typically held in May)
  • Preparing the course syllabi with details of expectations, grading system, and availability for consultation
  • Providing the course syllabi to the Academic Schedule Coordinator in advance, so all can be ready and available for the students
  • Meeting each class session for the full time period scheduled
  • Acting as a professional in all associations with other faculty and students
  • Overseeing the Student Support Services is one of the functions of the Vice President of Academics