Faculty Contracts

Policy Number: 
2014, 2021
1998, 2000, 2003 8/07, 1/09, 3/12, 7/12, 3/14, 2/21 BOT approved 5/2021

Non administrative faculty members each sign a contract with Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) which is reviewed for renewal annually by the appropriate Program Director. The position is reviewed and reaffirmed by the appropriate Program Director during an annual meeting with the faculty member to discuss performance and continuation of faculty appointment.

Clinical faculty members do not sign a specific contract with MTSA. MTSA appoints a CRNA clinical coordinator* for each clinical site with input from the affiliate anesthesia group (an anesthesiologist may serve in this capacity). A contract with the affiliate anesthesia group includes an agreement that its anesthesia providers will be clinical supervisors/instructors of MTSA students in the affiliation. The eligibility to instruct is determined by the affiliate; however, MTSA has the right to refuse to approve any clinical faculty member.

*As of 2015, all clinical coordinators must possess a master’s degree (doctoral preparation preferred).