Faculty / Student Relations

Policy Number: 
1998, 2000, 2003, 3/14
8/07, 1/09, 3/12, 7/12, 3/14
  • Faculty Office Hours

    Most full-time faculty members have offices on the campus and are available upon appointment to meet with students.

    Full-Affiliated and part-time academic faculty members are available to make appointments to speak with a student either directly or through the Academic Schedule Coordinator. Faculty offices are available at MTSA for faculty for consultation with students.

  • Faculty Phone Numbers

    Full-time faculty phone numbers are posted and given to each student as well as listed in the syllabus. Full Affiliated and part-time faculty may give their phone numbers in their class introduction, and contact information will be listed in the course syllabus.

  • Faculty Advisors

    CRNA faculty members assist the Vice President of Academics in student evaluations and act as CRNA Student Advisors. The function of these individuals is to be a CRNA advisor to students throughout the program as needed. Also, at defined intervals the student has a scheduled personal conference with this advisor, who reviews and discusses both the clinical and academic performance of the student. This advisor will also seek a self-evaluation from the student and assist in identifying the student’s strengths as well as make recommendations for improvement, if indicated.

    The Vice President of Academics is the full-time MTSA administrator who has the primary responsibility for interim student advisement, or advisement beyond the capacity of the faculty advisors. However, if the student chooses, both the Assistant Program Administrator and the Director of Student Relations are also available for student advisement.

  • Director of Student Relations
    • Chairs the Student Relations Committee (Ad Hoc)
    • This individual is responsible for fostering positive relationships between students, faculty, staff, and administration
    • Actively participates in directing student concerns to appropriate MTSA committees and administration
    • Serves as a mediator in difficult situations between students, staff, faculty, and/or administration